Elect One Of Us

Steve Kaufman is one of us: owner of a 25-year small business that survived his 15-month Navy Reserve mobilization at the height of the Great Recession and the detrimental policies of Obamanomics.
Steve is ready to put that grit and determination to work for the people of Northeast Florida.

Let’s elect one of us: Steve Kaufman for Congress.

The establishment had its chance and blew it. We need a strong leader with real-world experience, a passion for America’s greatness, and the courage to make the hard choices to move Northeast Florida and America ahead.

  • He’ll serve everyone, especially our communities’ job creators: the people who work for and with Northeast Florida’s small businesses.
  • He’ll continue defending the Armed Forces, growing Northeast Florida’s military infrastructure to strengthen its natural strategic position.
  • He’ll answer ONLY to the voters: Steve’s campaign accepts JUST individual contributions. No PAC, corporate, or SuperPAC donations will be accepted.
  • He’s not a career politician, and never will be. Steve believes in term limits and if the voters bless him with four terms, eight years is enough. He’ll come back to work in Jacksonville’s vibrant small business community.

Thanks for Your Contributions to Kaufman4Congress!

Did you know you can also donate your time?

Volunteer on our campaign team! We’re looking for a variety of different volunteers to fill positions throughout the district.

Get in touch on our contact page and let us know a little more about yourself and how you’d like to contribute.
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